Clean out your pipes (digestive tract)!  There are a lot of cleanses on the market for the colon and liver and most of them are garbage.  Lets talk about the necessity of cleansing and then a few points to look for when choosing a cleansing program.

First, the body pushes things SOUTH (out) not NORTH, so try not to get sold in to colon hydrotherapy as a sole means of cleansing.  While hydrotherapy has it’s value and place, it does not clean the entire colon, just the lower descending colon and a little of the transverse colon.

Juice fasts are another popular means of cleansing, but be careful of these as well.  Juicing can be a great component of a cleanse, but is likely to backfire if used exclusively because of the lack of protein.  Juice is almost 100% carbohydrates (even veggie juices) and can really mess with your hormones that control blood sugar.  People feel good on these cleanses because you kick out a huge serge of adrenalin.  BEWARE: You aren’t cleaning anything in your body.

If you are looking to cleanse your liver, juicing doesn’t work.  The liver has 2 phases of detoxification and both are 100% reliant on amino acids (protein) to function.  So in the case of a liver cleanse, juicing alone will not suffice.

Lets look at the basic function of the body.  Food that comes in needs to be as clean/pure as possible to lessen the burden on your digestive system (all 26 feet of them) and the liver.  As long as you maintain bowel regularity (going every day), your colon is pretty clean.  Now, if you don’t go everyday, you have a problem.

In this case, do the basics first:
1. Make sure you get enough water (1/2 your body weight in ounces/day).
2. Make sure you exercise.  No movement outside = no movement inside.
3. You also need to reduce or eliminate your processed foods..all of them!

Now, if you go daily with the help of coffee, that doesn’t count.  If you find it hard to maintain regularity with these simple measures consider investigating into the reasons why.  You may have a parasite, yeast overgrowth or H. Pylori.  These issues are very common.

So clean up your diet before you reach for a cleanse.  Any cleanse is a waste of money if you aren’t eating well, regardless of the context.

One cleanse for the GUT and Liver we highly recommend is “CORE Restore.”  It’s a 7-day cleanse high in fiber and all the necessary nutrients to aid the body in cleaning off the gunk.

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Sports Drinks Cause Dehydration

Everyone should think twice before consuming energy drinks.  The energy drink market has grown beyond sports formulas such as Gatorade.  There are now many versions of no commercial sports drinkssports drinks including caffeine spiked energy shots and pre-made protein drinks.  First, lets look at the traditional recommendation for energy drinks.  Governing authorities usually suggest using drinks such as Gatorade after 90 minutes of exercise.  This is a very loose distinction.  90 minutes of running in the Grand Canyon is very different than 90 minutes of walking on an indoor track with air conditioning.  The intention with these drinks is to replace electrolytes.

Electrolytes are sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium.  Electrolytes are responsible for all the electrical currents in your body as well as cell fluid balance.  Your extra cellular fluid has the same salinity as ocean water (and you have the same percentage of water in you as the planet has sea water).  Sodium is very important even though you usually only hear the bad parts about sodium.  When you sweat during exercise, or anything else for that matter, you loose water and salt…you have probably noticed how salty sweat tastes.  When people hydrate after exercise they tend to replace the water they lost but not the salt. This can contribute to muscle cramping.

So replace the electrolytes…

Problem is, sports drinks are so loaded with sugar that it actually makes the electrolyte Gatorade Factsimbalance worse.  And don’t think the sugar free versions are any better- aspartame turns to formaldehyde if it is over 101 degrees. …you can bet your body temperature is over 101 if you are exercising.  Sugar in these drinks causes dehydration.
In 1967 the University of Florida patents Gatorade (the original taste was awful).   In 1970 they won the football championship and Gatorade popularity grew over night.  In 1992 Pepsi bought Gatorade and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) was added.   HFCS is one of the worst forms of sugar that contributes to further dehydration.
Rather than waste your money on a drink full of sugar, artificial colors and a little sodium and potassium, make your own!  Purchase a bag of Celtic sea salt of Himalayan sea salt and add a pinch to your water bottle.  Regular “sea salt” is not what you want.  It is as bad as white sugar- all of the minerals have been stripped out of it.  Celtic salt has all of the electrolytes in it already.  Now, if you taste the salt in your water you put too much in…just a pinch is plenty.

In extreme endurance events such as a marathon or triathlon you may need more support.  Sometimes when you are out exercising for many hours you will simply want the taste of something sweet.  For the sake of taste- have a Gatorade- that’s probably all they will have available for you anyway.  It is very important to make sure you are hydrated before the event starts.  After the event return to your water with a pinch of salt.
Unless you are exercising for more than 90 minutes with your heart rate elevated, sports drinks are not necessary and may do more harm than good due to the fructose content (hard on the liver).  Keep getting water down and your next meal should adequately address all your electrolyte needs.

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Did you know that inflammation is the leading killer in the United States?  You probably thought is was heart attacks, not anymore.  Inflammation of the vascular tissue is the leading killer and leading contributing factor to heart attacks.  All inflammation starts in the GUT.  Do you bloat up after you eat?  Bloating may be caused by certain foods for certain people, but for others bloating may be caused by EVERYTHING they eat.  Food that causes bloating means there is an allergy or intolerance to the food.  There is a difference.  Food allergies are an adverse immune reainflammationction to a food protein.  They usually happen quickly and for some can be life threatening.  Food intolerance is different and more covert.  It can take hours or days to show up making it hard to identify the culprit.  Symptoms are usually annoying and include: bloating, itchy skin, constipation, diarrhea, acne and moodiness.  There are several ways to identify the offending food.  Rotation diets help identify the offending foods- while accurate, they are time consuming and not always practical.  There are blood tests as well. Traditional blood tests are called Eliza IgG.  They are not that accurate and are often very expensive.  The reason they are not that accurate is they only test against the IgG antibody- not all the others.  The Mediator Release Test (MRT) is a common end-point blood test that tends to be the most accurate test.

If you are having trouble with your foods- start by taking the five main offenders out your diet first: Gluten, Corn, Soy, Dairy, and Eggs.  If you are going to try this you have to take them out 100%.  It will be an inconvenience but you will feel better.  Likely you will realize just how much of these foods you were eating. That is your first clue.  Food intolerance’s can be induced by eating too much of the same foods.  Just think of how many versions of wheat you consume, bread, pasta, tortillas, and baked goods.  Don’t fool yourself even if you are doing some version of the low carb diet, you are still getting plenty of wheat.  If you are intolerant to wheat even eating wheat products the size of a crouton can set you off.

Get yourself checked- eliminating possibilities for feeling horrible always starts with food.  We are all-different and require different things.

To have an MRT test done.  Contact Naked Truth Nutrition today.

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Trans-fats- Would you like plastic with that?

Trans-fats are basically one chemical reaction away from plastic.  Mmmmmmm!  You may have heard about trans-fats in the news in the past year or two- but do you know what they are.  Read on friends- here is the naked truth:

Trans fats are man-made- basically a byproduct of the partially hydrogenation process.  A fat molecule (amongst other things) is a long chain of carbon molecules hooked together.  Most or all of those carbons have Hydrogen attached to them.  The amount of hydrogen bonds tells us what kind of fat the molecule is- saturated (coconut oil, butter), monounsaturated (olive oil) or polyunsaturated (corn, soy oil).  Saturated fats are saturated in hydrogen bonds- none are left hanging open.  This saturation makes saturated fats very stable at high heat.  Polyunsaturated fats have 2 carbon spots left open.  An open door if you will for light, heat and air to come in and damage the oil.  These oils have NO heat tolerance and spoil easily.  So leave it to mankind to find a quick fix.  Hydrogen was then added to the naked carbon molecules in the hydrogenation process.  Hydrogenation basically makes oils last longer…forever actually. 

Your body knows the difference- so don’t be fooled.  Here is a picture of a “cis” molecule (cis=regular) and a “trans” fat molecule.

See the difference?  When trans fats get into the body  it is like throwing a monkey wrench into the metabolism.  Think of the fats as a puzzle piece- it has to fit if it is to be used in the body.  With the Hydrogen molecules placed opposite- the puzzle piece won’t fit.

So what is so bad about trans fats:  The are best known for how they increase cholesterol (15%) and triglycerides (47%).  The average American has about 12g/day.  There is no safe level though. 

So how do you find them.  Food labels can say “trans-fat free” if there is less than 1g/serving.  First the obvious- how many servings are you having.  If 1 cookie is a serving….be honest- are you eating 1 cookie or the entire box?!?!?  Second- look in the ingredient label.  If there are partially hydrogenated oils in the product- especially with in the first 5 ingredients- there are trans fats in there. …marketing loophole.  Stay tuned because the nutrition industry is FULL of loop holes- thank your politicians for that.

Here is the ingredient list from a peanut butter jar- one that is marketed to kids:

www.nakedtruthnutrition.comNotice the 3rd ingredient is hydrogenated oil- however the fat label said it was “trans-fat free”

Food labels are often incorrect- they can be off by 20% before they even break the federal laws- so they are not terribly reliable.  Look for hydrogenated oils in the ingredients list and treat them as if they were poison!

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Coffee and Your Metabolism

By Annie Niewenhous, PhD

Most people would gladly give up their vices in the spirit of weight
loss or even health with one BIG exception:  coffee.  Coffee is some
kind of  special nectar from the heavens  that we have become so
accustomed to that we even justify spending over $3 a cup on it –
sometimes even several times a day.

Research is a funny thing.  One year, there will be a study that make a
certain claim about a food, and then the next year a different study is
done supporting the opposite view, and then the two sides battle it out
for eternity.  Here’s our advice: follow the money.  All research is
funded by someone or some corporation usually with a “vested” interest
in the outcome.   So let’s just talk about the facts.

Case in point: Cup of Joe
nakedtruthnutrition.comTo answer the question “Is coffee bad for me?” you get two answers as
one: yes and no.  That’s because it depends on the contest of the
question.  It also depends on the kind of c offee, the amount and any
other starbucks sizes metabolic variables you have.  Most coffee studies
were done with 5oz of coffee, not 30oz like they now offer at Starbucks.
That said, those studies will claim that coffee is ok for you and will
have no side effects.  Who drinks 5 oz though?  And these studies refer
to the 5oz of coffee as a “cup of coffee” so when consumers read “cup of
coffee” that translates to them as their cup (even though it’s 16-30oz)
as being the same thing.  So first question to consider is how much you
actually drinking?

What kind of coffee are you having?
Did you know a cup of regular coffee has over 700 chemicals in it?
Most of the chemicals come from the berry brewing process, not to
mention the pesticides added to coffee.   Coffee is the 2nd most heavily
sprayed crop in the world.   Then you likely add sugar (or worse –
splenda, equal, sweet and low or agave) and creamer and get a nice toxic
soup.  Yum.

Metabolic Variables
Now let’s consider what other metabolic variables you might have.
Coffee strips the body of B vitamins and many minerals including calcium
and magnesium.   Coffee is also a big job for the liver to metabolize.
Most of you are probably low on B vitamins anyway because of chronic
stress, so adding coffee to picture just cleans you out even faster
(because the liver isn’t working properly).  When you are low on B
vitamins your metabolism slows because you cannot turn food into energy
as efficiently, so you get tired.  When you get tired, you want coffee,
and thus creates the vicious cycle. Women on birth control pills can
multiply this conversation by 10.  They lose B vitamins faster and their
liver clears toxins even slower.

nakedtruthnutrition.comThe last variable is that coffee is an adrenal stimulant.  Every time
you have coffee it is like a task master taking a whip to your adrenal
glands forcing them to squeeze out every last drop of cortisol they
have.  The problem is that they might  adrenals not have much left!
Most Americans are walking around with adrenal fatigue right now due to
chronic stress.  If you are tired your body is telling you that it can’t
keep up with the demands you place on it and that it needs a rest.
Think of coffee as an “over-ride” button.  We dump coffee down the pipe,
get an artificial perk and just go about our day.  Then a few years
later we find we need more coffee to create the same level of
wakefulness.  Sound like an addiction, doesn’t it?  This is where coffee
becomes dangerous because you handed your body’s regulating controls
over to a cup of coffee that you are useless and powerless without.

So how does this effect weight loss?
 From a weight loss perspective you may find that coffee really helps
you out (aka gets the pooper moving), but sadly you’re just kicking the
can down the road and causing more problems in the long run.

Coffee signals to the adrenal glands to release cortisol and adrenalin
which metabolizes liver glycogen and muscle tissue to convert to blood
sugar to keep you going.  This will suppress your appetite and you will
not feel the need to eat.  Conventional nutrition wisdom would say that
this would be a helpful thing for weight loss, however when you rely on
something like coffee and do not eat nutritious food you strip your
muscle tissue away.  The less muscle tissue you have the less insulin
receptors you have.  The less receptors you have the more likely you are
to store food as fat.

Caffeine headaches are actually from vasodilation.  The blood vessels to
the brain are actually opening back up and your brain doesn’t know what
to do with all the oxygen.   Caffeine causes vasoconstriction,
tightening of the capillaries, and therefore 60% reduced blood flow to
the head, neck and jaw.

If you need coffee on a daily basis, there is something bigger going on.
For all of you who say “I don’t need my coffee, I just like it” or “I
only have 1 cup,” try to give it up for 1 week and see how bad you DID
need it.  You will be surprised.

If you are one of the many who need their coffee, you likely have an
adrenal problem.  Think of your adrenal glands as your gas pedal.  Do
any of you feel like you are stepping on the gas but the car isn’t going
anywhere?  Get an adrenal test done!  You can heal your adrenal burnout
and then your body can produce the energy it needs without relying on
coffee.  It will probably SAVE you money in the long run!

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